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You're one of the very first people to access the new and exciting Growing Bolder Portal. In the video above, Growing Bolder Founder and Launchpad to What's Next Host Marc Middleton takes you on a mini-tour of the Portal to share some of the exciting features we have in store for your journey to What's Next!

The portal is broken down into two main areas: Tools & Resources and Motivation & Inspiration.

Some key features of Motivation & Inspiration include: the director's cut of Growing Bolder’s Launchpad to What’s Next National TV special; one-on-one interviews with all of our Launchpad experts; complete episodes of Growing Bolder’s Emmy-nominated flagship TV program; complete episodes of the Growing Bolder Radio Show and Podcast; digital access to all issues of Growing Bolder Magazine; the ability to download and print memes from Growing Bolder’s motivational library; and video profiles of the Rock Stars of Aging -- ordinary men and women living extraordinary lives and defying the negative stereotypes of aging.

The Tools and Resources portion is a lifelong learning platform divided into
seven key content areas:

  • Health
  • Money
  • Work
  • Purpose
  • Creativity
  • Caregiving
  • Travel

Each area includes information, worksheets, additional resources, related stories, actionable takeaways and tips from some of the world’s top thought leaders.

You are now part of a powerful tribe of like-minded men and women -- a community of support and encouragement. Together, we are not just marking time. We are living big, bold lives. Welcome to the Growing Bolder Portal: the world’s most empowering positive aging platform and your Passport to Passion, Purpose and Possibility.

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Welcome to the member-exclusive Growing Bolder Portal, a robust online platform featuring tools, tips and resources in personal finance, functional fitness, caregiving, brain health, entrepreneurism, and more. 

Here, we welcome you to continue on your Launchpad to What's Next journey. If you watched our Launchpad special on public television stations, the Portal is your place to watch videos of every Launchpad expert’s presentation and additional interviews and takeaways from each. Other exclusive features include complete seasons of the Growing Bolder TV show and a regularly updated library of inspirational stories, interviews and action steps.

The Portal is a 24/7 lifelong learning resource designed to support and encourage you on the journey to what’s next. Welcome!